Falcon perched on driftwood
  • • 500+ people participating in more than 1,000 raptor surveys since 1995.
  • • News and information updated regularly on the website
  • • 20+ reports to state and federal agencies
  • • 50+ presentations to civic groups, school groups and professional organizations in western Washington and beyond.
  • • Published book chapter on the latest techniques for marking raptors for field identification:
    Varland, D.E., J.A. Smallwood, L.S. Young and M.N. Kochert. 2007. Marking Techniques. Pages 221-236 in Raptor Research and Management Techniques, D.M. Bird and K.L. Bildstein (Eds.). Hancock House Publishers, LTD. Surrey, B.C. Canada. 463 pp.

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